• Semi Automatic.
  • Seaming can diameter 51 mm to 178 mm and height 51 mm to 248 mm.
  • Output 20-40 cans per minute depending on size.
  • By suitable accessories diameter upto 47 mm can be seamed.
  • Robust, and easy to handle.

The Machine

This machine is a fast, semi automatic can seamer, suitable for a wide range of cans. Changes from one size of can another can be effected fairly rapidly. During the seaming operation, the cans remain stationary which makes this machine specially suitable for canning liquid contents assuring least spillage.

Capacity Specification
Smallest diameter can machine will close (special)
47 mm
Small diameter can machine will close
2" dia
51 mm
Largest diameter can machine will close
7" dia
178 mm
Minimum height of can machine will close
51 mm
Maximum height of can machine will close
248 mm
Output, dependent on operator
40 cans per minute
Pulley speed
720 rpm
Pulley size (2 Groove V Belt)
6.78" p.c. dia
75 mm
H.P. required
1.49 kw
Floor space- Left to right
1.14 m
Floor space- Front to back
1.07 m
Height of machine
.83 m
Net weight (approx)
1,400 lbs
791 kg
Shipping weight (approx)
1,740 lbs
791 kg
Crate dimensions
1.98m x1.22m x97m
Cubic measurement
82.32 cubic ft
2.33 m

All metric measurements are approximate.